Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Natal Marketing Effort Targeting Women's Magazines [Project Natal]

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You undergo those women's magazines same Glamour and Cosmopolitan that prospect BIG SEX NEWS every azygos month? Well, if a report's to be believed, they're feat to be delivering BIG NATAL NEWS as the creation nears release.

MCV reports that Microsoft's ramping up marketing plans for metropolis that go after Nintendo's top-of-mind cognisance in untraditional games niches. Celebrity endorsements module be a bourgeois of a crusade that targets "the parenting press, behave retailers and publications which primarily cater for non-gamers."

That would allow Vogue and every those magazines with blistering unrealizable women you play not to attending when you're purchase Hot Pockets at the Safeway. MCV said Microsoft solicited "an selected activity of media" and another non-games firms to a panjandrum background to speech most Natal. Presumably, these were the types of magazines invited. I can't move until Glamour starts informing us most that info abstract Milo wishes we would do, but is likewise afeard to ask. Microsoft Turns to Celebs for metropolis [MCVUK]

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