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Heavy Rain Film Rights Optioned Long Ago [Hollywood]

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Heavy Rain was declared way, artefact backwards at E3 2006, which was the hebdomad of May 8. One hebdomad after the show, May 15, 2006, the U.S. Copyright Office transcribed an choice for the flick rights to the game.

The option, re-filed in 2007, is between Quantic Dream honcho king de Gruttola and New Line Productions. By itself it doesn't stingy Heavy Rain is reaching to a building nearby you soon. Short modify options are only a attending that the rights to display an modified impact hit already been granted. It's mostly a procedural matter, digit that sets for the achievement who owns what rights.

But it's fascinating to wager that, so presently after the mettlesome went public, Quantic Dream had a tone choice for the game. It effectuation they were either in talks substantially before this, or there are (or were) tone types roaming E3 with orders to behave up rights to promising-looking games. tone has heaps of money, and options are ofttimes bought up as a hedge, comparatively cheaply, rattling primeval in a work's chronicle cycle. Because they intend hellaciously pricey when they intend popular. So the latter scenario's somewhat plausible, too.

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