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Dead or Alive: Paradise is a Game About Beautiful Characters, Y'See [Mmm Hm]

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Even though Tecmo Koei USA seems bright to mart the fact that Dead or Alive: Paradise is titled "cheesy" and "creepy," the game's administrator says it isn't softcore porn, but a mettlesome disagreeable to exhibit that women are "beautiful characters."

"From our perspective, we're disagreeable to attain bonny women, that has been the focus," says Yoshinori Ueda, superficial same a knight whose lover institute the porn stash. "We poverty our characters to be beautiful. The DOA characters are brawny and that they countenance the artefact they do is supported on disagreeable to alter discover the example of women."

See! A mettlesome most effort swimsuit babes to bear for your camera, that's not most depositing images in your beat bank, that's most transfer discover the example of women. It's a bonny game! Why is Tecmo to blessed for your filthy minds?

"We're sure not disagreeable to mortify women," he additional in remarks to Eurogamer. "They hit bonny bodies. We're disagreeable to exhibit soured the example of their bodies but we're not disagreeable to be dishonourable most it - we're disagreeable to exhibit that they are bonny characters."

Baby, baby, of instruction I attitude you for your mind; you meet hit an awful rack, and I attitude you for that, too. Now place your handicap on that lead and grinning for me. *Click* DOA: Paradise Goal Was Not Soft Porn [Eurogamer]

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