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Activision Terminates Fan-Made King's Quest Extension [King's Quest]

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The aggroup of King's Quest enthusiasts who had, since 2002, been employed on an summary postscript of the seminal undertaking game, hit complied with a obligation by Activision to cease every utilization of their game.

The Silver Lining has a daylong and exceptional history, modify for fan-built games. The test authorised broadcast of King's Quest came in 1998. Two eld later, enthusiasts started their prototypal endeavor at writing their possess sequel, play over with the underway utilization volunteers, constellation Online Studios, in 2002. From the beginning, the aggroup asserted a correct to the send low U.S. clean ingest papers law.

In 2005, constellation Online survived its prototypal cease-and-desist visit from the rights bearer at the time, Vivendi Universal. Outcry and oppose over the project's conclusion led to an exceptional non-commercial "fan license" acknowledged for The Silver Lining.

However, Sierra's highbrowed concept has since denaturized safekeeping from Vivendi to Activision. And Activision is not fascinated in continuing this authorise or crafting added non-commercial agreement. Says the developers:

After talks and negotiations in the terminal some months between ourselves and Activision, they hit reached the selection that they are not fascinated in granting a non-commercial authorise to The Silver Lining, and hit asked that we cease creation and verify downbound every attendant materials on our website.

As before, we staleness and module obey with this decision, as such as we haw desire we could do otherwise.

We cannot feature sufficiency how such we revalue the hold we hit had over these eld from our fans. Without you, we would never hit gotten this far. There would be no mettlesome to develop, and no digit to amend it for. You hit been awful and steadfast, and we module ever advert that and revalue it more than we crapper say.

Sadly, after octad eld of sacred impact and modify more sacred fans, The Silver Lining send is approaching down.

What's more, the C&D requires approaching of most of the forums ordered up to hold the project's development. constellation Online says it is antiquity a new, blank installation so fans brought unitedly by the send crapper meet in touch. The Silver Lining [site]

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