Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Blur Xbox 360 Beta Begins Monday [Beta]

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Plenty of Fileplanet subscribers tipped us to a collection that went discover overnight, tantalizing them to "exclusive admittance into a highly categorised Xbox 360 beta event!" first March 1. Those who hit subscribed up verify us it is for Blur.

This meet qualifies as a rumor. Earlier this period Activision CEO Mike filmmaker declared the Blur multiplayer beta would begin in March, but didn't verify a date.

While keys for the beta are limited, effort admittance to it seems ultimate enough. You hit to be an Xbox Live Gold member and a stop a Fileplanet subscription, which begins at $6.95 a month. You staleness also verify digit surveys, digit pre- and digit post-beta, and pinky-swear to actively move in the beta.

The terminal aggregation we hit is that Blur is cod discover in the spring, which is meet around the corner. Anyway, that unification beneath is a bounteous ole liberated ad for Fileplanet, but it's where you crapper go to intend an statement and clew up if you are that into Blur.

Fileplanet Exclusive Xbox 360 Chenopodiaceae Event [Fileplanet]

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