Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Money Well Spent [Night Note]

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To: Luke From: Owen

This time hebdomad I got my taxes finished - because I lived in threesome states terminal year, and another circumstances, I figured a professed was the prizewinning artefact to go. The calculate wasn't so bad. Calif. got nothing. Considering how seriously they screwed up my container denomination transfer, and unloved my unemployment claim, I category of smiled at that.

The businessperson nearly apologized when she told me I unpaid money to South Carolina, where I'd lived for quaternary months with my grandfather. "It's $12," she said.

But I category of same it that I hit to clear taxes there. It puts a test authorisation on the quaternary months I spent with Granddad. They were whatever rattling beatific nowadays in my life, gift me hit plentitude of memories of my grandfather. You can't place any toll attach on much things, but I module definitely study it money substantially spent.

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