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Guess Which Three Games Help Keep Activision Afloat [Industry]

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Activision is a colossus consort with a diminutive problem: Most of their income comes from threesome recording games.

Buried in Activision's period inform for Fiscal Year 2009, the aforementioned digit that had programme of a field shake-up at disposition of Duty: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward, were whatever engrossing numbers.

"A momentous assets of our revenues has historically been derivative from products supported on a relatively diminutive sort of favourite franchises and these products are answerable for a disproportionately broad proportionality of our profits," the inform points out.

For example, it points discover that in playing 2009, which ended in December, that their crowning threesome franchises, disposition of Duty, Guitar Hero, and World of Warcraft, accounted for most 68 proportionality of their gain revenues for the year.

Further into the report, the consort points discover that World of Warcraft accounts for a staggering 98 proportionality of Blizzard's revenue. Ninety-eight percent! That's up from the previous digit eld when the hugely favourite massively multiplayer online mettlesome accounted for a plain 97 percent.

What does every of that stingy to Activision?

"Due to this dependency on a restricted sort of franchises, the unfortunate to attain expected results by digit or more products supported on these franchises haw significantly alteration our playing and business results," according to the report.

Or, in Brian terms, digit intense disposition of Duty, digit under-performing Guitar Hero, or, don't modify conceive it, a explosive tolerance in World of Warcraft devastation and Activision module be in a concern of hurt.

No astonishment things are so suspenseful over at Infinity environmentalist correct now.

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