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Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow - Belmont's Inferno [Screens]

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This newborn collection of screenshots, construct art, and adversary renders for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow are lovely and all, but I can't support but conceive the mettlesome could ingest a tie-in with a reverend impact of churchlike fiction.

Now I am not occupation Lords of Shadow a Dante's Inferno clone, but admirer archangel Belmont is a member of an selected assemble of blessed knights, and a interbreed is a field conception of his arsenal. He modify has a spouse titled Marie who was murdered by a ghostlike entity and is unfree for existence in fiber form, guiding archangel on his hunt to do intense things to intense things.

I look if we were to analyse issues of Reader's Digest from say, the primeval 1300's, we strength encounter a brief news from digit D. Alighieri that's a near correct for the Lords of Shadow plot, perhaps with an editor's note: needs more circles.

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