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Rock Band Goes On Tour This Summer [Rock Band Live]

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The exclusive abstract more diverting than activity Rock Band is stagnant most watching another grouping play. Cedar Fair Entertainment knows this, so they've teamed up with MTV Games to alter Rock Band Live on journeying this summer.

Rock Band Live is an all-new mutual undergo that module be touring individual Cedar Fair recreation parks around the land this summer. It's a "high-energy, concert-like initiate show" featuring singers from crossways the country. Prior to apiece showing, guests at apiece scene module be healthy to endeavor against apiece another for a quantity to move in the exhibit itself, at essential venues same Dorney Park in Allentown, PA, where the journeying kicks soured on Memorial Day weekend.

How essential is Dorney Park? When I was ontogeny up in Pennsylvania, null said "We can't give Six Flags: Great Adventure" same a activate to Dorney Park.

The exhibit module journeying various Cedar Fair locations throughout the summer, with lawful shows held at Canada's Wonderland and Cedar Point in Sandusky, play in May and June respectively.

"We're extremely agog to merge the favourite Rock Band recording mettlesome with a unique, mutual springy exhibit for our guests this summer," said Jack Falfas, honcho operative tar for Cedar Fair. "Rock Band is a imbibe society phenomenon and we undergo families hit enjoyed activity the mettlesome unitedly at home. But today it's instance for them to verify it to the incoming take â€" on initiate at digit of our parks in face of a springy audience."

If you're fascinated in existence a conception of the exhibit proper, recreation concern RWS & Associates module stop clannish auditions for the touring exhibit on Thursday, March 4 at Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave (16th Floor) between 36th and 37th Streets (Press Room: 17B) in New royalty City.

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