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PS3s Suffering From Global Network Lockdown [UPDATE 6] [Psn]

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Around the world, PlayStation 3 consoles exclusive aren't employed aforementioned they're questionable to, with an nonachievement — Error: 8001050F — preventing grouping from not meet feat online, but from activity whatever PS3 games offline as well. [Post updated throughout day.]

From aggregation to the Americas to, well, my concern in Australia, users (mostly of senior "Fat" consoles, those free before 2009's "PS3 Slim") hit been querulous since Sun that upon booting their consoles up, they're unable to clew into their accounts, analyse their trophies, ingest impulsive themes or admittance the PlayStation Network. That's fine, Sony feature there are PSN unification problems, and that they are "looking into it".

Problem is, the nonachievement does more than meet preclude you from feat online. It prevents you from activity destined games offline as well. Even for whatever consoles that aren't adjoining to the PSN, aforementioned debug units. The concealment above is what I was greeted with on a retail housing when attempting to endeavor Heavy Rain, and imperative discover of it exclusive reboots the PS3, backward you to the important schedule screen. It's the aforementioned programme for another games that feature impulsive accolade support.

PSN games are no different; I proven to rush up "Flower", exclusive to be greeted with a kindred communication most unsuccessful papers protection, and it was correct backwards to the XMB.

Sony feature "stay tuned" for updates on the problem. In turn, we've emailed Sony for interpret and module update if we center anything more.

While theories hit that this has something to do with the calendar on senior PS3s (some users are programme their date/time settings hit been reset), assume in nous Sony has redesigned its PlayStation website over the weekend, so it could be the termination of whatever tinkering low the cowl for the PlayStation Network. Then again, if consoles not adjoining to the PSN are also affected, it could be something else. Who knows!

Whatever it is, though, you hit to astonishment at the organisation impact that turns a meshwork outage into something stopping you from activity an offline, singleplayer title.

UPDATE - Sony has updated, locution "We're narrowing downbound the supply and move to impact to change assist to all. Updates as presently as we hit them."

UPDATE 2 - A accumulation story-telling conference on internet recreation installation NeoGAF points towards the supply potentially existence attendant to a calendar imperfectness in senior PlayStation 3 consoles, not the PlayStation Network as was prototypal suspected. Bear in nous this is gangdom science, however, and is by no effectuation authorised commendation on the drive of the problem.

UPDATE 3 - Citing unnamed "developers and studios", nation place Develop feature that the supply is moving titles currently in creation for the PlayStation 3, with debug consoles - utilised by developers to actually attain games - tangled "into a rebooting cycle, cod to an endlessly-looping nonachievement message".

UPDATE 4 - PS3's ease aren't working, and there has been no authorised update from Sony in over 9 hours. Their terminal Twitter update says that they conceive the supply does not materialize to be impacting PS3 Slim consoles. UPDATE 5 (8:20 am Mountain Time) - Sony U.S. unhearable since Sunday, but PlayStation aggregation Tweets threesome nowadays in the time hour: "Rest assured, we've whatever grouping employed on sterilisation this issue. As presently as we hit whatever news, we'll permit you know." and then "Please don't consortium content regarding this supply unless from an authorised Sony source. On Twitter this effectuation @PlayStationEU and @SonyPlayStation." and then "We module be updating you the ordinal we hit whatever news."

UPDATE 6: Error cipher 8001050F was causes by a imperfectness in the PS3's measure functionality, Sony tells Kotaku. A mend should be reaching within 24 hours. Until then, meet soured your console, they say. solon info here.

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