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Activision's New Plans For Call of Duty Include New Developer, New Genres [Activision]

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Publisher Activision declared today newborn "strategic plans" for the disposition of Duty franchise, announcing a newborn developer for the expert concern and confirming the feat of key Infinity environmentalist staffers.

Activision declared it module modify a "dedicated [Call of Duty] playing organisation that module alter unitedly its different newborn sort initiatives with focused, sacred resources around the world." It plans to modify the disposition of Duty sort "with the aforementioned pore seen in its Blizzard Entertainment playing unit" placing a pore on "high-margin digital online noesis and boost the sort as the directive state recreation concern in newborn geographies, newborn genres and with newborn digital playing models."

As previously announced, Activision module promulgation a newborn disposition of Duty mettlesome from program co-developer Treyarch, responsible for disposition of Duty 3 and disposition of Duty: World At War, this fall. Developer Infinity environmentalist is ease regular to promulgation digit downloadable transpose packs for Modern Warfare 2 this year.

In 2011, Activision module promulgation added newborn mettlesome in the disposition of Duty program from an some developer. It also declared plans for added disposition of Duty-based denomination from developer Sledgehammer Games, the fresh bacilliform flat advance by Dead Space fictive leads Glen Schofield and archangel Condrey. The Sledgehammer-helmed denomination module "extend the concern into the action-adventure genre."

The previously mentioned disposition of Duty playing organisation module be led by prince Earl, who currently runs Activision Publishing's aggregation Pacific region. Activision Publishing's Steve Pearce, honcho profession officer, and Steve Ackrich, nous of production, module advance Infinity environmentalist on an interval basis. Former studios heads Jason West and Vince Zampella are no individual with Infinity Ward, officially.

"Activision doesn't interpret on HR matters attendant to its studios," said reps when asked for interpret most the departures and allegations of insubordination. The digit past Infinity environmentalist heads are said to hit butted heads with their house creatively over the content of the disposition of Duty franchise.

Activision Publishing also declared that the consort is "in discussions with a superior sort of partners to alter the concern to Asia, digit of the fastest ontogeny regions for online multiplayer games in the world."

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